Frequently Asked

Food is necessary, just like water. An emergency food supply calculator can ensure you are fully prepared with the quantities you need when or if an emergency should arise. 

 One's chances of survival are substantially higher when one is prepared vs. when one is not.

We regard each of our bags as 4 servings. Here is everything you need to know regarding emergency food storage and how to calculate it for your specific circumstances.

How does this whole process work?

  • It’s simple! Just use the calculator on our website to tell us:
    1. How many people you’re stocking for
    2. How long you want your stock to last (assuming each person is eating 3 meals a day) 
    3. How long of a timespan you’re comfortable to build your stockpile over.
    Based on the information you provide, we’ll bring you directly to your product subscription…and show you a couple other options that provide the same amount of food but over a different timespan, to ensure we get it exactly right.

    Once you’ve placed your initial order, we’ll send you a set amount of product each month. You just take it from the box, dump it into your storage tote, and go back to life! Prepping has never been simpler, easier, or more affordable.

How are you calculating the stockpile I will need?

  • We’re taking the number of people you’re trying to feed, times 3 meals a day, and multiplying by the length you want to feed them in months (each month being 30 days). A 6-month stockpile for 6 people is 3,240 meals total. (6x3x180)

Where does the food come from?

  • We are constantly expanding our food suppliers to ensure we’re giving a quality mix of products. As of today, our main food supplier is based out of Salt Lake City, UT.

What are the nutritional facts for the food I’ll receive?

  • You can find all of the nutritional facts for each of our suppliers here

What do I need in order to make the food?

  • The only true need is water. However, the best way to prepare the meals is with boiling water, so a heat source is highly recommended.
How long is the food good for?
  • Stored properly, the product has a shelf-life of 25 years!
Is shipping free?
  • Free? No, nothing is free. (Not even “free” shipping!) But, almost all of our products ship using a flat-rate service, so we’ve factored the cost of that into the final price so you can see exactly what your stockpile build is going to cost each month.
How do I store the food?
  • Product is best kept in a cool (55-70 degrees), dry, dark space. We recommend keeping the food in a plastic storage tote with a lid. They are inexpensive, easy to find, and the larger sizes can store a significant amount of food.
Are there minimum amounts I can order in this system?
  • Yes, we have a minimum of 3 packages (12 meals) per month, but that is already worked out in the calculator. Just simply enter in your desired stockpile info and it will lead you to the right product!
How fast do I get my food?
  • Generally, your first shipment will leave our warehouse within 2 days of enrolling and, depending on the carrier for that order size, arrive between 5-14 days after your order. You’ll be provided a tracking number so you will know when to expect your delivery. Deliveries will occur roughly every 30 days after that.
What allergens are contained in Preppers Stockpile products?
  • At this stage we do not, however we’re pushing to offer gluten-free and vegetarian options. Keep in mind that these products are intended to use in case of emergency and, outside of any extreme allergic reactions, you’re better to have some food that doesn’t fit your dietary restrictions than no food at all!
What is your service area?
  • We are currently serving the continental 48 states.
Do I need anything prepared for receiving shipping?
  • Yes, you’ll need:
    • A place to store the food: Product is best kept in a cool (55-70 degrees), dry, dark space.
    • A container to store it in: We recommend using a plastic storage tote with a lid. They are inexpensive, easy to find, and the larger sizes can store a significant amount of food.

Can I pause if I need to?
  • Yes, you can pause your subscription if needed.

Can I cancel my subscription?
  • You sure can. However, you will not be able to restart it once cancelled. We recommend pausing your subscription instead.

Do I need any kitchen knowledge to make this food?
  • Nope! If you can boil water and stir, you can prepare this.

Do you offer more than just food?
  • We have started working on the next phase of our business model, expanding into the non-food survival necessities, but for today we are only able to provide the food.

Can I buy everything all at once and not through subscription?
  • Yes, but to do so you’ll need to call customer service. We hope to add this function to our website in the near future but for now we’re focusing on our main goal; to make prepping simple, easy, and affordable for everyone.

Can I pick which food I receive?
  • No, our pickers will grab a random assortment of meals, 2/3 lunch and dinner options and 1/3 breakfast options. Ultimately, when the time comes and you need to eat the food, you’ll just be glad you have it and not concerned with what you’ve got.

What shipping methods do you use?
  • Depending on the amount of product being shipped to you each month, we’ll use either USPS or UPS.
How will my subscription show up each month? (box sizes, weights, etc.)
  • This is entirely dependent on your subscription. Our smallest subscription sends 3 packages (12 meals) per month in a 10”x8”x4” box that weighs less than 3lbs. Our largest subscription sends 360 packages (1440 meals) per month in 8 12”x12”x12” boxes each weighing roughly 25lbs.

    Because the packages come in meals of 4, the math doesn’t always allow us to send the same amount of product for all of your subscription months. In these cases, you will receive the same amount of products for all but the last month. The last month you will receive whatever amount of product is still needed to land on your total stockpile amount. For example, a family of 4 looking to build a 6-month stock (2,160 meals total) over a 24-month timespan will receive 22 packages for each of the first 23 months and then receive 34 packages on the 24th month.

    • 22 packages = 88 meals 88
    • meals x 23 months = 2,024 meals 
    • 34 packages = 136 meals 
    • 2024 meals + 136 meals = 2,160 meals